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Thoughts on day camp

Have completed another week at Girl Scout day camp, with interruption. Princess went down Wednesday morning with nausea and low-grade fever, and stayed home both Wednesday (her birthday--boo!) and Thursday with what turned out to be a urinary tract infection. I have to guess that she either skipped the latrine too often, or drank too little, or both...

Anyway, even if I'd been there all week, I suspect this experience would have still been a huge improvement over last year's, so I feel compelled to analyze it a bit, for reproduction next year.

First, the girls had nearly all been to at least one year of camp previously. I suspect having a group of seasoned girls made a huge amount of difference to their expectations and their ability to grasp what was expected of them.

Second, I was much more zen about my role. I was OK with being a bit of a nag if necessary, and felt more comfortable in my skin, both from my own revised expectations, and from knowing what I was doing (rather than the "tossed in the deep end" experience from last year).

I had good adult support from people who complemented me well (as in, they were better with the girls, and let me take the organizational role).

I brought a set of baskets for clothes changes this year, and although the lack of soaring 95-plus-degree temperatures we had last year may also have made re-clothing less unappealing for the girls (as opposed to having to put back on soaking panties one had sweated in all day), I think the baskets helped, since we had absolutely zero clothing left in the tent when we packed up at the end of the week. (Think I was almost disappointed, since I brought in a bit of a haul for my daughter last year, but my brilliance in bringing the baskets was praised effusively, so that was a nice reward.)

Had to put on my disciplinary hat a time or two, but did fine. So, in short, a much better experience. Now I dread trying to get caught up sufficiently to get back to work.
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