docmom (docmom) wrote,

The whirlwind begins

I showed up to the first parent meeting of Girl Scout recruitment and came across looking knowledgeable and on top of things.

I've been terrified of this new service unit manager position, so I'm kind of pumped that I managed to rock this.

Now, we'll see if I manage to get the paperwork together, the people to show up on Monday that said they would, etc.

Hopefully, no children will be left looking for troops to settle into.

And I won't lose any of the checks that people gave us tonight despite my insisting that they really shouldn't.

So, now the crazy week starts. Tomorrow is shopping and cake baking for Princeling's birthday party. Party is Saturday afternoon with an overnight campout in the backyard carrying 8 or 9 kids into Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon is a Girl Scout hike with creek-stomping and food at the camp. Then it's some prep for Girl Scouts, because Monday afternoon is Market Day pick up followed by me running my first-ever service unit meeting for the city Girl Scout leaders. Tuesday evening is Girl Scout troop meeting. Wednesday is Princeling's birthday, so we have going to school for lunch and probably out for dinner. Thursday, I'm teaching first aid to the entire Cub Scout pack.

I think I'll spend Labor Day weekend in the fetal position.
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